Hi! I'm Clémence Gouy, a nomadic graphic designer & illustrator from France.

Currently: working as a freelancer in Amsterdam.
Previously: RoAndCo Studio (New York), W&Cie (Paris), Monolith Agency (Montréal)

I graduated from École de Communication Visuelle of Nantes (France) in 2018 with a Master's degree in Visual Communication. 
Cute cat gifs, iced tea and retro synth wave tracks are my everyday fuel.
What I do: Art direction, Visual identity, Branding, Packaging design, Editorial design, web/UI design, Social content, Illustration
What I don't: well-cooked pancakes, yoga without breaking my back, pretending I love pumpkin latte.
Get in touch
I'm always excited to hear about new projects.
For any inquiry, question or just say hello, drop me a line here: hello@clemgouy.com
Selected clients
Nike, Groupe M6, Danone, Evian, Durex, Lipton, Medium, Dipsea, Flare, W&Cie, Havas, The Crazy Horse Paris, Clairefontaine, Cap Sciences, Internazionale Kids, Women Who Do Stuff, Sida Info Service, Editions Vagnon-Fleurus, Editions Solar... 
The Design Kids (interview)
Responsive Logos, Designing for the Digital World - Promopress (print)
MAKE IT POP! - Sandu (print)
It's a Match! Creating Color Palette in Design - Sandu (print)
Fivestar (web)
Minimalist Packaging, Enhancing Creative Concepts - Images Publishing (print)
Le Bonbon (web)
Bande à Part (interview)
Tafmag (interview)
 Paula Magazine (print)
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