Hi! I'm Clémence Gouy, a nomadic graphic designer & illustrator from France.

Currently: working from Amsterdam as a freelancer + part-time sidekick at Marta Veludo Studio
Previously: RoAndCo Studio (New York), W&Cie (Paris), Monolith Agency (Montréal)

I graduated with honors from the École de Communication Visuelle of Nantes (France) in 2018 with a Master's degree in Visual Communication & Graphic Design. Since then, I've been specializing in creating visual identities as well as illustrating content for various brands and medias. Cute cat gifs, iced tea and retro synth wave tracks are my everyday fuel.
What I do: Art direction, Visual identity, Branding, Packaging design, Editorial design, web/UI design, Social content, Illustration
What I don't: well-cooked pancakes, yoga without breaking my back, pretending I love pumpkin latte.
Get in touch
I'm always excited to hear about new projects.
For any inquiry, question or just say hello, drop me a line here: hello@clemgouy.com
Selected clients
Nike / Groupe M6 / Danone / Evian / Lipton / Durex / Medium / Dipsea / Flare / W&Cie / Havas / The Crazy Horse Paris / Clairefontaine /
Sida Info Service / Women Who Do Stuff / Curieux! / Internazionale Kids / Editions Solar / Editions Michel Lafon / ...
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It's a Match! Creating Color Palette in Design - Sandu (print)
Fivestar (web)
Minimalist Packaging, Enhancing Creative Concepts - Images Publishing (print)
Bande à Part (interview)
Tafmag (interview)
Paula Magazine (print)
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